Islamist extremists hide huge stockpile of weapons near German mosque

A HUGE stash of weapons reportedly belonging to Islamist extremists have been found hidden near a mosque in Germany.

Palestinian terrorist stabs teen girl to death in bedroom

Hallel Yaffa Ariel was killed in a terrorist stabbing in Kiryat Arba, June 30, 2016.

'We shall not take anyone in' Hungary tells EU it's full and it doesn't 'need' immigration

Hungarian politicians have said the country will not accept any migrants because the country "does not need immigration".

Denton police arrest man at courthouse for making terroristic threats

The Denton Police Department is currently working a terroristic threat offense that occurred this morning. A lone male suspect has been arrested and taken to the Denton Police Department jail.

Brexit: EU says no compromise on freedom of movement

European Union leaders have warned that the UK must honour the principle of free movement of people if it wants to retain access to the single market after it leaves the bloc.

Belgian police alerted to IS fighters en route to Europe

Belgian police have received an anti-terror alert warning that a group of Islamic State fighters recently left Syria en route for Europe planning attacks in Belgium and France.

Muslims converting to Christianity to avoid being deported

Church leaders confirmed a spike in the number of Muslims who wanted to convert to a new religion and said baptism can ‘significantly enhance’ an asylum seeker’s prospects of being given sanctuary.

Taliban attack on Afghanistan police cadets near Kabul kills dozens

Taliban bombers have attacked an Afghan police convoy outside the capital Kabul, killing at least 30 people and wounding 50 others, officials say.

I’m an Austrian in the UK – I don’t want to live in this increasingly racist country

'I left my home country, Austria, two years ago for what I believed to be a more open-minded, multicultural, inclusive and tolerant country.'

Turkish police fire tear gas in Istanbul to disperse Gay Pride activists

Turkish police detained 19 people and fired tear gas in central Istanbul on Sunday to disperse dozens of activists attempting to gather to mark the annual Gay Pride week after authorities banned their march.